MÓTUS 2018

Pedalling the Tracks for Pedalling Culture
Before the Redways, there were Railways. Before the bicycles, there were trains. MÓTUS in October 2018 created a cycling adventure along the old railway line (between Linford Manor and Newport Pagnell) which explored the sights, sounds and surroundings of the old tracks.
The Trainline Tracers guided the audience along a journey and became a group of cycling encyclopedias who physically told the audience all about the site. Pedalling The Tracks was a participatory dance work, mixing professionals with performers from the local community and local schools. Using the transformation from Railway to Redway as inspiration, this promenade invited audience members to travel the route in conjunction with performers learning all about the far reaching Redways and their history.

Helen Artistically Directed the 2018 festival You, Me: Dance which extended from one weekend to three weeks of work. The festival included Macbeth (Mark Bruce Company), 2Faced, Dan Nicholas, Body Politic, James Cousins, Company Chameleon, Stuart Waters, Mapdance, Earthbound, Inverted, KDE Dance and Urban Strides amongst others. This festival celebrated links with the MK Gallery, Arts Council England, MK Council and the Milton Keynes Community Foundation.