Artistic Director: Helen Parlor

Dancers: Lauren Segal, Daisy Winstanley and Ruby Portus

Music: Goldfrapp

Partnership and collaboration formed a huge part of the MÓTUS journey and this year we were excited to be working with more local partners, organisations and schools than ever before. We
were thrilled to be presenting work at Milton Keynes Theatre and MÓTUS were heavily involved with MK Young Dancer of the Year competition. MÓTUS created bespoke work for Milton Keynes Museum’s HERstory; an exhibition celebrating the centenary of the first British women getting the vote through 100 curated objects representing the lives, experiences and history of local girls and women. This programme was also supported by a weekend of free performances in the Centre: MK from Autin Dance Theatre, NGYT, Avant Cymru, Intoto, Ceyda Tanc and Kapow Dance Circus Theatre.

HERstory was created for the MÓTUS 2019 festival and was sited in response to an exhibition. ‘HERstory’ being held at Milton Keynes Museum with Dancers and Artistic Director Helen Parlor. She spent 5 days siting and making the work in response to the exhibition to include a public performance, which was later taken out of the museum setting and placed in the Centre: MK shopping centre for presentation at MÓTUS 2019: JOURNEYS festival.