MÓTUS 2017

In 2017 there was no MÓTUS festival due to MK50 and MÓTUS being involved in collaborative projects to celebrate Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday. Grid Arts was born which comprised MÓTUS, The Gray Circle and The Plays the Thing. Projects took place across Milton Keynes College, Encompass Dance and The Chrysalis Camphill Community in Milton Keynes, MK Academy and projects are still continuing into 2019 with Grid Arts presenting work for the Milton Keynes Museum ‘Borderzone’

Virgin Territory Installation & Commission Vincent Dance Theatre In November 2017 MÓTUS raised funds through the MK Community Foundation to bring Vincent Dance Theatre’s ‘Virgin Territories’ to Milton Keynes and placed the work at MK Gallery and Milton Keynes College. Attended by over 1500 people this installation was accompanied by open dance theatre workshops.