Fluid in Flight

Fluid in Flight was created with the following things central to its inception:

> To create an original show.

> For the work to harness the imagination of young people and their ideas.

> To fill a commercial theatre Milton Keynes Theatre with new audiences.

> To work with a mixed and varied cohort of choreographers from across the UK.

> For the work to be inclusive to everyone.

In July 2019 the Milton Keynes Theatre showcased 20 schools from around Milton Keynes, performing original works based on the theme of ‘Journeys’ and interpreted and sculpted by 10 choreographers across 17 schools. The result – an evening of joy, energy and warmth from audience and performer.

‘Wow!! What a triumph! Having witnessed countless youth dance performances, I was really struck by this assurance by the participants.’ Lady Rima Scott

‘Thank you for a brilliant evening! We both left the theatre with huge smiles on our faces.’

Beverley Casling, Open University

‘Once again MOTUS have delivered an incredible festival of Dance for Milton Keynes, highlighting their growing capacity and ambition. This year’s wide ranging and diverse programme, both strengthens their reputation as a key organisation locally/regionally/nationally and demonstrated their exceptional skills in audience engagement and participatory practice. Fluid in Flight held at MK Theatre, was an absolute triumph! In an environment where the arts are becoming increasingly marginalised within the curriculum. This project underlined the vital role organisations like MOTUS play in championing creativity and the impact it can have on building an active and connected community. ‘

Simon Wright – Curator of Public Programmes MK Gallery and MÓTUS Chair